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Customised reporting to suit all you need

Creating analysis and report takes forever. No more countless excel spreadsheets and powerpoint slides. We fully understand your business need provide customised reporting service. Talk to us and we will provide what you need at your fingertip.

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Product Features

Real time intelligence 

Share of Voice

Hot and trending content

Hot Keywords

Hot Topics

Customer Reviews

Real Time Report

Weekly Report

Monthly Report

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Real time reports downloaded directly from the portal

We provide real time social competitive data. You can view the report directly from the interactive visuals or download from the portal anytime anywhere. 


Customised reports for your business needs

We have a wide range of data points from the most popular Chinese social media. Our configurable dashboard and reports can be adjusted to perfectly fit your requirement. Just share with us your specification, we will get it done.

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ROI driven reports for your team around the globe

No more complicated excel spreadsheets sending back and forth in the email. We provide tailor-made reports for global teams across different regions with different objectives and KPIs. The report can be structured the way that it will suit everyone's need.

View online, monthly monthly, weekly report or more

Reports can be downloaded from the portal, delivered via emails or any other means. It can also be configured to collect data and send daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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Data interpretation and recommendation

Marketers are not data scientists. It's sometimes not straight forward to spot any insights and decide what to do next. Our configurable dashboard and actionable insights will tell you exactly what the next step is. It will save you tunes of time looking at the raw data. You can focus on what you are good at.

We turn competitive social media intelligence into actionable insight

Big Data

Vfluencer has been monitoring the most popular social media platforms in China and collecting billions data points.

Real Time

Data efficiency is critical when you select a social listening tool. Vfluencer's monitoring engine runs 24 hours.


Vfluencer provides all the analytics that brands need to evaluate the marketing and to identify the market whitespaces.

Free Resources

Wahhong report Final (AS).pptx.png

Jul 2021


81% of people surveyed said they had purchased products endorsed by an influencer on Chinese social media. 

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Jun 2021

Social Commerce Analysis Report:
Taobao vs Tmall vs

China’s e-commerce is growing more than 20% every year. Yet, it would be challenging to monitor the market changes.

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Jun 2021

Male Celebrities Endorsement Trend in China 2021

Male stars’ fame is playing an increasingly important role in China instead.

Interested to learn more the power of social media competitive intelligence in China

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