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Uncover your consumer insight in China

To find your buyer in China, you need to understand their appetite. Stay on top of the popular social media in China help you decide what to sell and how to sell. Social media is a fast changing community, you will need a real time intelligence tool for sure.

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Product Features

Real time intelligence 

Share of Voice

Hot and trending content

Hot Keywords

Hot Topics

Customer Reviews

Sentiment Analysis

Cross-channels data

Unlimited keywords tracking

Makeup Store

Decode and uncover the most engaging contents and topics 

With the rise of social media, people like to share their daily life in social media. With big data technology, marketers can easily identify the winning elements in a social media content. What excites your customer and what's the current market trends.


Optimise the product development process

In the old days, manufacturer created product sample and got feedbacks from focus group before the final product came to the market. It's a long and tedious process. Given social media data, product owner can now spot and analyse the market trend before deciding what to produce and market. The entire process is a lot more sophisticated than ever.

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Trend detection and respond to the market

Social trend is extremely crucial in China. If you got trend right and surf on top of the wave, the sequence would definitely exceed your expectation. Social media is the best place for you to collect data and seek actionable insight.

Influencer performance projection and recommendation

Influencer marketing campaign could be tricky to manage and evaluate. With big data and AI, you can now plan your influencer marketing campaign easier than ever given the performance projection and recommendation. You can have a full vision of the picture before the campaign is actually executed. 

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Explore the China market and and nail it sooner than later

China is one of the biggest and fastest growing consumer market in the world. With the rise of e-commerce platform, brands can now enter China without even setting up a local office. Market research and social commerce can both be done remotely. It gives you a better chance to win the market before you waste any time and money.

We turn competitive social media intelligence into actionable insight

Big Data

Vfluencer has been monitoring the most popular social media platforms in China and collecting billions data points.

Real Time

Data efficiency is critical when you select a social listening tool. Vfluencer's monitoring engine runs 24 hours.


Vfluencer provides all the analytics that brands need to evaluate the marketing and to identify the market whitespaces.

Free Resources

Wahhong report Final (AS).pptx.png

Jul 2021


81% of people surveyed said they had purchased products endorsed by an influencer on Chinese social media. 

Image by tommao wang

Jun 2021

Social Commerce Analysis Report:
Taobao vs Tmall vs

China’s e-commerce is growing more than 20% every year. Yet, it would be challenging to monitor the market changes.

Image by KE ATLAS

Jun 2021

Male Celebrities Endorsement Trend in China 2021

Male stars’ fame is playing an increasingly important role in China instead.

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