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Social Commerce Analysis Report:
Taobao vs Tmall vs

Social Commerce Analysis Report_ Taobao vs Tmall vs

Every year, the growth rate of China's e-commerce market is more than 20% and the estimated number of online consumers is more than 650 million, approximately twice the population of the USA.

Currently, the most used e-commerce platforms in China are Taobao, Tmall, and, and Alibaba and are undoubtedly the two leading giants in China.

What we can provide

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Brand  Analysis

You can create combinations including various brands you want to have analytical comparison

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Competitor Analysis

You can have in-depth insights into the brand performance of social media platforms, such as the SOV distribution and partnerships with influencers of all levels

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Campaign  Analysis

Our platform helps you collect online activities and the effectiveness of all different campaigns you want

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