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Your Leading Social Commerce Marketing Solution for China

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About Vfluencer
We help brands to succeed

Vfluencer is an award winning marketing technology company founded in 2017 that pioneered the brand intelligence industry in China.

With AI & Big Data technology,  our proprietary system assists brands in understanding the social media space with comparative data analytics and deep insights on consumer sentiments and noises.

China is a huge but competitive market, by using social media intelligence, uncovering the trending marketing strategy and continuously to optimise your brand strategy, is the only way to succeed.



  • Completed a USD 500,000 seed round with investors including angels and listed companies in Hong Kong and China.

  • Joined Hong Kong Cyberport and become one of the technology companies supported by the incubation program

  • Won multiple innovation awards including Tencent

  • Established Guangzhou regional office

  • Established the first overseas office in Singapore


  • Graduated from Betatron, a VC-backed startup accelerator

  • Vfluencer 1.0 launched


  • Idea stage

Our Offices

Marketers are choosing Vfluencer to drive engagement, build their brands and to grow revenue

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Our valued partners

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Portfolio Company of

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Interested to learn more the power of social media competitive intelligence in China


Jeffery Liu

Mentholatum (China) Marketing Director

Vfluencer provides social media intelligence to help China enterprise optimizing digital KPI and ROI. The interface of their analytic tool is user-friendly, which gives us quick insight in a direct and concise way.

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