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Detect the latest market trends in China

Social media a fast moving community. The closer you are in touch with the market, the better chance for you to win the market. Social media trends can help brands to decide what the latest customers' appetite and preference are. 

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Product Features

Real time intelligence 

Share of Voice

Hot and trending content

Branded Contents

KOL Contents

Reporting & Analysis

Campaign Analysis

Cross-channels data

Trend detection

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Identify the market trend and respond quickly

Sharing your daily life in social media is popular these days. There are a lot of consumer behaviours and market trends which can be discovered from social media contents. Always try catch the trend and sell the best product to your target audience.

Integrate your e commerce campaigns with social media strategies

E commerce platforms such as Tmall & JD are good for converting sales. However, consumers are now getting smart now before they make a purchase decision. Weibo and Little Red Book are where they obtain product reviews and brand information. 


We do not just provide data but actionable insight

Marketers often find it challenging to analyse loads of data. Vfluencer not only provide comprehensive social media data, but also actionable insight to guide you directly what your next step should be. Nice and easy.

Understand your brand position in China

Brand intelligence and analytics are often lacking in China. It's not easy to understand where you are standing in a huge market like China. You will need a good social marketing tool to determine if you are on the right track. 

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We turn competitive social media intelligence into actionable insight

Big Data

Vfluencer has been monitoring the most popular social media platforms in China and collecting billions data points.

Real Time

Data efficiency is critical when you select a social listening tool. Vfluencer's monitoring engine runs 24 hours.


Vfluencer provides all the analytics that brands need to evaluate the marketing and to identify the market whitespaces.

Free Resources

Wahhong report Final (AS).pptx.png

Jul 2021


81% of people surveyed said they had purchased products endorsed by an influencer on Chinese social media. 

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Jun 2021

Social Commerce Analysis Report:
Taobao vs Tmall vs

China’s e-commerce is growing more than 20% every year. Yet, it would be challenging to monitor the market changes.

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Jun 2021

Male Celebrities Endorsement Trend in China 2021

Male stars’ fame is playing an increasingly important role in China instead.

Interested to learn more the power of social media competitive intelligence in China

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