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Jul 2021

How adidas neo boosted its share-of-voice in China in 2020

adidas neo often becomes the centre of attention on social media with their diverse marketing strategies.

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Jul 2021

Ice Cream Influencer Phenomenon

81% of people surveyed said they had purchased products endorsed by an influencer on Chinese social media. 

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Jun 2021

Social Commerce Analysis Report:
Taobao vs Tmall vs

China’s e-commerce is growing more than 20% every year. Yet, it would be challenging to monitor the market changes.


Jun 2021

Male Celebrities Endorsement Trend in China 2021

Male stars’ fame is playing an increasingly important role in China instead.


Dec 2020

12 Winning Beauty Content Strategies Report

How to create the most engaging content in China social media - Co-created by Vfluencer & Datality Lab


Apr 2021

Italian Fashion Brand in China 2021

From big data to targeted social media engagment - Co-created by Vfluencer & Datality Lab


Nov 2020

Marketing Insight from the Top 2 Live Streamers in China

Double 11 2020

Viya & Austin Li


Sep 2020

Brand Analysis Showcase - Cartier Report

What is Cartier's social media content strategy in China ? 


Oct 2020

Live Streaming Traps in E-commerce China 2020

Vfluencer was invited as a guest speaker to share some insiders about live streaming traps in China at Live Commerce Asia

Sep 2020

Social media performance on 5 Japanese healthcare brands in China


Japanese Healthcare Brands in XHS Report

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