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How does Chinese skincare brand YOSEIDO leverage Hey Box debut for product campaign?

Since its launch in 2017, Hey Box, also known as Tmall Little Black Box has attracted more than 80% of globally renowned brands to present their newest products in front of Chinese consumers. The gateway for product debuts can be accessed through Taobao, Tmall’s sister C2C e-commerce platform owned by China’s tech giant Alibaba.

Based on Alibaba’s big data, the channel selects new products released in recent 30 days from across the world and provides personalised recommendations for users through a buyers’ selection mechanism that involves KOLs. Such accurate product feeds had made Tmall Hey Box a home to more than 180 million monthly active users by the beginning of 2021.

From SK-II records 100 million sales of its Blemish Pen on the first day of the product release on this platform to Mac’s Youwu bomb achieved a sale of 100 million RMB ($15.5 million) on its debut, these hits in product launches have made Hey Box an invaluable marketing resources for brands.

As the platform levelling up to roll out more customized launch solutions for brands looking to reach specific consumers through livestreaming and short videos, the strategy has also beefed up the performance of brand’s campaign. YOSEIDO’s experience could set the example of that.

Teaming up with GQ Magazine – an American monthly men’s magazine focusing on men’s fashion, style and culture, Hey Box invites three skincare brands Labseries, Gillette and YOSEIDO to a Men’s Grooming Award. It nominated three male celebrities representing each brand and created a short video where the three winners of different categories of this Awards give acceptance speeches, including He Changxi, a Chinese actor who hold the trophy for 面面俱到理容台, or Well Thought-out Grooming Table category on behalf of YOSEIDO.

Soon after the announcement from Hey Box, YOSEIDO launched a campaign on 9th September, known as # 桦力新生 面面俱到 #, or “Refresh with the energy of birch and provide a well thought-out solution [for your face]”. By adapting the name of the received award and the name of the celebrity into its campaign slogan, it reintroduced its new product, a birch leaf moisture mask.

The campaign was coupled with a livestreaming event through Taobao Livestream, where Hua Chenyu, a Chinese singer was invited to be the host. The campaign has drawn over 4.6 million engagements on one of China’s largest social media platforms Weibo.

Compared to YOSEIDO’s result, the September campaign created by MEIFUBAO, another Chinese skincare brand sees an average outcome despite having a higher owned voice. The standard campaign that also targets male consumers features its brand ambassador Yang Yang, a Chinese actor and a top-tier KOL with more than 55 million followers on Weibo, generated a slightly over 341,000 engagements.

While Yang’s share of the campaign post was engaged by approximately 800,000, the announcement by Hua, a top-tier KOL with a smaller fan base of 39 million, regarding the product debut on Hey Box and the livestream on Taobao, was endorsed by more than 1.6 million with one million forwards and another one million of comments.

YOSEIDO’s overall share of voices (SOV) has also been boosted from 4.6% the month before to 76% following the campaign. In comparison, MEIFUBAO sees a relatively moderate increase in SOV from 0.8% prior to the campaign to 16.6%.

With the real-time consumer insights afforded by Tmall Innovation Centre, Hey Box allows brands’ voice to be more accurately delivered to their target audiences. By leveraging the product launch event on Hey Box, YOSEIDO has gained exposure to a wider user, and more importantly, reached out more consumers who are interested in their products, resulting in a more effective campaign delivery.

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