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【Campaign Analysis】— KFC happy bucket

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

KFC and SmileyWorld will jointly launch the brand new Food Bucket. I hope you can have a good time. What we hope is that you can have a good time at KFC.

@KFC started the activity on the occasion of the May Day holiday and posted the topic of #五一桶桶快乐#which offers self-selected food services and allows buyers to enjoy 13 kinds of food at 99 yuan only!

Among the cooperative KOLs, top, middle and tail influencers accounted for 91.91%, 7.87% and 32.91% respectively. Taking the wide audience into account, the brand not only invited bloggers in the food field but also invited influencers in the category of humour, photography and travel to participate in the promotion.

During the May Day holiday, the amount of content has been maintained at a relatively high level. The content reached the peak on May 1st, while the volume reached its peak on April 29th.

In addition to the topic promotion on Weibo, the video advertisements posted by @肯德基 endorsers@TFBOYS-王源 on Tik Tok also achieved a high amount of fan interaction.

Up to now, the topic of #五一桶桶快乐# has received 450 million views.


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