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【Campaign Analysis】— JD Mother's Day

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

— Give mothers unlimited affection, select branded gifts on JD.COM! —

@京东时尚 (JD.COM) released the topic #守护我的妈妈# to celebrate Mother’s Day, and jointly organized a contest for the topic with Weibo. If you participate in the event on Weibo from 5.7 to 5.9, you will have the opportunity to get a limited mystery box.

More than 166 KOLs posted articles to participate in the topic. The invited influencers of all levels were evenly distributed, among which top influencers and amateurs accounted for about one third respectively. In addition, the brand also invited a small number of brand accounts to participate in the promotion.

About 98% of the voice is provided by the top influencers. The invited KOLs are mainly of the categories of entertainment and beauty, such as @逗趣事汇@美好段子君 @里里 @周小仙uoo.

The one-minute video released by the fashion blogger @里里 on May 7 won first place in this event. The amount of fan interaction was relatively high, with 41,000 re-posts, comments and likes.

@京东时尚 (JD.COM) has mobilized users' enthusiasm and participation by ranking and awarding, and the total number of topic interactions reached 786,078.

Up to now, the topic #保护我的妈妈# has received 440 million views.


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