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[Campaign Analysis] — KFC Blind Box Chicken Wings

As a well-known grass-growing base in China, Little Red Book has become a new favorite in the catering industry by exploring the store model under the data of Little Red Book. By analyzing the data of Little Red Book, we can fully understand the preferences and needs of the catering crowd, and use big data to reach more people. Know, increase exposure.

"Eating and tearing", KFC blind box chicken wings, enjoy the double satisfaction of taste buds and spirit!

On 4.6, @KFC released #give you a pair of wings# event, buy King Fried Twin Bucket and get 2 free KFC "Blind Box Chicken Wings", 5 hidden flavors appear randomly, post positioning➕check-in photos of the same flavor, and chance to get a limited amount of [Chicken Wings Lover] necklace~

The promotion was only carried out on Weibo. The number of KOLs invited was 127, mainly tier 1 and tier 2 KOLs. The total number of content posted was 127, and the interaction reached 224,244. The two members of Little Red Book were KOC spontaneously punched in and posted content. Since the topic has just started, there is still much room for publicity in the follow-up.

The brand activity is unique, combining roasted wings and blind boxes with five hidden flavors: butter hot pot, grapefruit, tomato hot pot, chocolate, and shelter. Effectively attract a large number of consumers to buy.

Apart from inviting @TFBOYS-王源 as the brand's spokesperson, the others are all food bloggers, focusing on checking out the shop, taking food photos and drawing prizes.

The content volume reached its peak in 4.7 and 4.8, and the content volume and sound volume were 28, 70864; 25, 49176, respectively.

Up to now, the topic #give you a pair of wings# has received 300 million views.


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