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[Campaign Analysis] — Elizabeth Arden Orange Essence 2.0

The new upgrade of Arden Orange Essence 2.0, four times the antioxidant power to freeze the youthful brilliance!

In spring and summer, in order to solve the problems of changing seasons, oily skin and aging, @红门雅顿 launched a new product #雅顿橘灿 essence 2.0#, which is tailored for Asian skin and provides comprehensive anti-oxidation from the inside out, giving the skin a daily hidden Unstoppable vitality and good state. 💆🏻‍♀️🌿

·🌿 The brand party invited the celebrity @张哲瀚疯狂子 as the brand skin care ambassador. Due to the celebrity effect of the spokesperson, it has won high fan support and achieved a better promotion effect.

·🌿 Among the 28 KOLs invited on Weibo, except for a dermatologist and popular unboxing blogger, in order to meet the positioning of the product line, the other KOLs invited are all top and mid tier beauty experts and some KOC for evaluation and trial. The method of posting articles promotes drainage. The 167 KOLs invited by Little Red Book mainly focused on the vertical promotion of small KOLs.

In choosing KOL, you can always choose several top tier KOLs to achieve better publicity effect.

·🌿 @红门雅顿's big lottery "Chief New Product Trial Officer" attracted a large number of users to share the experience, and the media value was high.

·🌿 Currently, the total amount of brand content on Weibo is 33 and Little Red Book is 33. However, the media value of Little Red Book is three times that of Weibo, 11610 and 26172 respectively.

Up to now, the topic #雅顿橘灿 essence2.0# has received over 200 millions views.

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