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Complete Business Data Solution

  • Social Monitoring

  • Influencer/KOL Performance

  • Real Time Analytics

  • Optimise Marketing Strategic


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Social Media Intelligence

You should always make decision based on reliable and meaningful data

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Data Collection

Vfluencer is a social media consultant that focus on social media technology and artificial intelligence. It covers all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Weibo and Wechat. Vfluencer can also provide tailored made data solution for its clients and extend its data collecting engine.

Insight Analysis

Vfluencer can not only collect millions of data points, but also provide different marketing statistics model and insight for client to plan out the overall marketing strategy. Insights are generated from A.I. after learning thousands of marketing campaign in different social media platforms.

Scheduled Report

Dynamic visualised report is one of the most advanced technology in the market. Vfluencer can configure and tailor-made report for client depending on their actual business needs. It's all automated and streamlined. 

Dig into influencer / KOL data for your content strategy

Cross Platform Influencer Search

Influencer / KOL Analysis

Influencer Report Generation


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