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  • Marco Siu

What are the differences between the two video-making apps in China? Tiktok vs Kwai

Tiktok and Kwai gradually became the hottest platform in China. They both have the same function "Short video making+ live broadcast", converging in the same category. So, what are the differences between them?

Traffic distribution

Tiktok: Pull up and completed the two actions of “Exit the previous video” and “Enter the next video” at the same time. In terms of user experience, Tiktok is like watching a TV show, the video keeps repeat, the advertisement may play between them.

From the angle of content creation, the switching of the frequency of short video is too high, so the video must be attractive. For example: Every 3 seconds should give a reason to keep the audience watching in total 15 seconds video. As shown below, the left side just a regular video which lost 33% of audiences in the first 3 seconds. The right side is a hot video and only lost 40% audience total.

As a result, Tiktok proves that it’s easy to drive the views of the audience in Tiktok but hard to make the audiences keep watching and give like or share. This encourages content creators have a strong rhythm of the video.

Kwai: A list of videos on the main page, pull up to browse more, and click to enter the video. In terms of user experience, Kwai’s interface like browsing a list of apps in Appstore, if you interest just go in, come out and choose the next one.

From the angle of content creation, Kwai’s video has a cover photo which helps creators provide audiences with a focused experience so that they can watch it more patiently. Like the Americans got talent, if we know there will be highlights in the next episode, we will watch it until the end of the show.

As a result, the interface of Kwai may affect the traffic of view. The high-quality content is not as good as Tiktok, which depends on the topic and cover photo that the user chooses.




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