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  • Marco Siu

Vfluencer held a "Live Streaming" Seminar at Tencent Westart to help SMEs expand marketing channels.

Under the affection of COVID-19, "Live streaming" has become one of the most popular online and offline marketing strategies for companies to explore and use. On June 24th, Vfluencer partnered with Vicpro shared a topic on "WeChat E-Commerce x Live Streaming Strategy" to help SMEs expand marketing channels and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on production and operation.

The seminar has also invited an influencer Sky Lee(@__chelwx) with extensive experience in live streaming and discuss with the topic of “Main point of live streaming”, “Differences between traditional and new marketing channels”.

According to Vfluencer, SMEs were affected by COVID-19 and some of them have encountered operational difficulties and problems in product sales channels. Through the rise of live streaming in China, Vfluencer have invited professionals who teach companies to help them take advantage of the real-time, attractions, and interactivity of online live streaming, and integrate live streaming offline and online. So that enterprises can accumulate popularity and promote brands and products effectively.

This event is expected to respond to the call of "Stimulate consumption and promote business cooperation” by the Honk Kong Government. To create a new form to broaden marketing channels and help them under the influence of COVID-19 to resume production. At the same time, Vfluencer provides help for SMEs to live streaming online, builds an online live streaming platform, and closely integrates live streaming, work, and economic benefits to achieve a new position of joint construction, sharing, and win-win situation.


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