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【Campaign Analysis】— The Xtep X Shaolin new collab

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Xtep has started the 2021 Guochao 2.0, breaking the fashion norm!

In order to publicize the 2021 new product launch conference and promote the new products, @特步体育 initiated the Weibo topic #

#. When Kung Fu culture meets the trend of sports, a different Guochao will be shaped.

Celebrities, including @景甜 @范丞丞Adam @汪东城, promoted the topic by posting. Thanks to the fan effect, the publicity of the topic is remarkable. Among all, the post of @范丞丞Adam0616 has the highest number of likes (14.1w) and reposts (15w).

Fashion bloggers @FashionWeek @小象王国 @私服街拍 and other KOLs went to the offline conference and posted many exquisite photos token there.

Xtep worked with its high-end product line XDNA, ensuring that the new products inherits oriental aesthetics and are well integrated with a new cultural trend.

Up to now, the topic #特步少林2021新品展会# has received 1,183.8 views with 545,892 likes and 1,003,759 media value.


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