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【Report】The 2021 Marketing Trends of Foreign Skincare Brands in China

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, known as COVID-19, has been significantly influencing the global business model due to the alterations in consumer behaviours of all categories, brands and regions.

As such, marketers in skincare product industry have gone through a lot of strategical changes much more quickly than expected in a short period of time to cater to their buyers under the new lifestyle for sustainability or continuous growth of their businesses.

In this report, trends that are analyzed include:

  • The adoption of natural and green ingredients

  • The collaboration with male celebrities in China

  • Digitalization

Brands as examples include:

Brand Overviews

Share of Voice (SOV)

Among the brands in the report, the SOV of L’Oreal is substantially larger than the others. On the other hand, SK-II and Sulshasoo take the smallest pieces of the pie. The SOV of the rest of the brands is relatively evenly distributed.


The adoption of natural and green ingredients


In the promotion of the Flower Cleansing Oil, one of the product feature highlights is the natural ingredients used. Marketers emphasize the cleaning oil is comforting and moisturising, even suitable for dry sensitive skin, due to certain natural ingredients, like Rose and Jasmine.


Most of the top influencers Sulshasoo has cooperated with emphasized the natural ingredients used as well. They briefly listed out the benefits of the ingredients while recommending them to the audiences.


This year, Kiehl’s started the topic #科颜氏170周年# for the 170th anniversary celebration. Among all the posts on the topic, the post with the highest engagement states the brand mission statement - sticking to green ingredients.

Male grooming Growing in China


The 5 highest-performing posts of L'Oréal Paris this year are all from male celebrities, Hua Chenyu, Zhu Yilong and Deng Lun. The top three posts have even earned over 1

million engagements in terms of all three indicators, likes, comments, and reposts.

Estée Lauder

The post with the highest engagement of Estée Lauder is from the brand’s Asian spokesperson Li Xian, a famous male actor.


The cooperation with Luo Yunxi, a popular actor and singer, and Bo Yuan, a member of the boy group INTO1 has brought Shiseido two best-performing posts on Weibo.

Path to Digitalization

All the brands included in the analysis have shown the trend of substantially increasing the number of partnerships with influencers. The chart below demonstrates that brands have cooperated with a lot more influencers on Weibo within these recent 5 months.


In order to maintain sustainability and growth, marketers of different brands catch up with the latest trends or even come up with brand new ones continuously. The competitors’ strategies can be incredibly diverse and complicated to understand without the data collected and the information processed by Vfluencer.

The aforementioned has shown the trend that the marketing competition is more and more intense. The insights Vfluencer can offer are more important for brands than ever.

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