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  • Marco Siu

New feature of Tiktok - Voice Live Streaming

Tiktok "Voice Live Streaming Room" is about to go online. This feature currently supports up to 8 viewers to chat online at the same time, and the anchor can manage chat with online viewers. This new feature is expected to enhance the social attributes of Tikotok, allowing closer communication between users. The strong competitor of Tikotok, Kwai (a well-known short video platform in China), launched the Kwai Chat Room as early as October 2019, supporting multiple people to simultaneously voice online. With the rise of the "sound economy", Internet radio, live voice, and other forms have developed rapidly, not just "watching", but the "voice" function has gradually been applied to social scenes.

The rapid development of the Internet has broken the traditional radio model. In addition to the hot short video platform in recent years, it has also spawned the rise of new media such as “Litchi FM" and “Himalaya FM", and the "sound economy" has become increasingly popular. China's online audio users are increasing year by year, and the average growth rate remains above 30%. It is estimated that by 2020, China's Voice Live Streaming market will reach 7.83 billion dollars.

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