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【Campaign Analysis】— LUX X Sisters Who Make Waves

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

— Lux has released a new theme song “Unstoppable”! Let’s listen to the sisters’ powerful voices! —

In order to promote the new series of fragrance shower gel, @LUX力士 started a topic of #姐有力士势不可挡#, in which they released the theme song together with the female celebrities from Sisters Who Make Waves.

Lux implemented their promotional activities both online and offline, which are all mainly related to Sisters Who Make Waves.

There were 77 KOLs promoting the topic by posting feeds. More than half of them are top influencers in the category of variety show and some of their loyal big fans also participated in the topic by sharing their user experiences online.

@LUX力士 invited the famous singer @吉克隽逸 as the spokesperson as well. The official blog post released on 4.17 currently has the highest number of fan interactions on the topic. Due to the fan effect, the song "Unstoppable" bundled with the product has gained a remarkably high promotional value.

The audience of this topic is relatively concentrated, mainly the fashionable youngsters.

Up to now, the topic of #姐有力士势不可挡# has received 150 million views.


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