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【Campaign Analysis】— Johnsons Baby Milk Series

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

— The softest love comes from the most moisturizing care, Johnson's baby milk series gives babies milk-like silky skin! —

In order to promote Johnson's baby milk series, @强生宝宝 joined hands with the new spokesperson @应采儿 to post the topic #应采儿的应氏教育# on Mother's Day.

About eighty-five percent of the participants in this topic are micro-influencers and mid-tier influencers. To ensure the accuracy of the audience targeting, most of the KOLs invited by the brand are bloggers of mother and child parenting and promote the topic by promotion method is trial experience and graphic sharing.

The topic received a total of 76,046 likes and a total of 130,747 interactions. The content posted by the KOLs contributed 130,757 media value to the topic, and the number of fans reached 130,757.

The brand links the topic with @应采儿's parenting education to fit the product theme ─ to give the baby deep love with strict quality control .

The blog post of @应采儿 published on 5.9 has the highest number of fan interactions in the topic and the highest media value.

Up to now, the topic #应采儿的应氏教育# has received 170 million views.


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