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【Competitive Analysis】How do brands find the right platform based on Tmall social media marketing?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

June 18 is approaching, consumption vouchers, “bone-breaking” discounts, and cashback events have been well known to consumers as merchants' conventional gameplay. Merchants frequently use tricks to create a festive atmosphere, as it is useful in increasing the desire for consumption.

Apart from offline event promotion, more brands have shifted the battlefield online. The reason behind is that people spend more and more time on the Internet, and most people would check out video websites, professional beauty product evaluation apps, or social networking sites before purchasing products. It seems more convenient and effective to use social media for publicity. For instance, the famous e-commerce platform Tmall is an old player in social media marketing. Just open one of the apps randomly, the opening cover is often an advertisement of Tmall’s sales promotion. In addition to that, Tmall has created multiple accounts on major social platforms, dedicated to creating hot topics and attracting fans to haul.

【Social Media Marketing】

Social media refers to content production and exchange platforms based on the relationships of users on the Internet.

While Socialized media marketing is a way to use social networks, online communities, blogs, encyclopedias, and other Internet collaboration platforms for marketing, public relations, and customer service maintenance and development. It is also known as social media marketing, social media integrated marketing, and mass media soft relationship marketing. It possesses the characteristics of precise client diversion, as well as the ability in enhancing the reputation of brands.

The long marketing cycle and frequent interactions with audiences mean that brands need to constantly update content and methods of interactions; plus adjust marketing methods and goals based on consumers’ feedback when undergoing social media marketing. The rapid development of social media has prompted businesses to keep up with the times, start creating accounts one after another to welcome the new changes in marketing brought by social media.

It is the responsibility of each social media marketer to create hot topics, understand consumer psychology, attract fans and convert them into consumers. Tmall chooses to conduct social media marketing on two platforms: Xiaohongshu and Weibo, mainly for sales promotion.

【Xiaohongshu Platform】

KOL promotion is a common choice for brands. Feeds about Tmall Super Brand Day has been mentioned by up to 92 Xiaohongshu’s KOLs, all of whom are medium beauty bloggers or KOCs. They have received 9,888 likes, 17573 interactions, and 5488 collections. The number of comments even reached 2,197 times. The strong verticality and influence of small circles in the field made this topic a good publicity effect in Xiaohongshu.

Among the 119 KOLs publishing feeds about Tmall’s Heybox in Xiaohongshu, besides top influencers like Huafanfan and Li Waner, most of them are medium or bottom-level bloggers. This type of bloggers are less influential, yet true and credible. Users are more likely to trust these less influential but authentic people. The fields of KOL selected by the brand are divergent, besides the beauty category, there are also KOLs from the field of lifestyle, technology, and photography. Up to now, the topic of Xiaohongshu has received 25161 likes, with a total interaction volume of 40736 times, and a media value of CNY¥40736.

The Tmall All-Star Project uses celebrity ip to gain more attention from fans. Xiaohongshu has invited Xu Lu LULU to post feeds in advertising for it. Furthermore, there are also some KOLs in the field of food education. Tmall All-Star Project has received 138667 likes in Xiaohongshu, with a total of 227,228 interactions.

【Weibo Platform】

As an old player of the Weibo platform, Tmall has created three related accounts @Tmall Super Brand Day, @Tmall Heybox, @Tmall All-Star Project, which have already attracted countless fans.

Interesting idol interactive videos and Vlogs have caught fans’ eyes firmly, and all kinds of new product information are posted to the platform in time. Moreover, various activities have been created client diversion to the shopping platform.

Up to now, #Tmall Heybox# #Tmall Super Brand Day# #Tmall All-Star Project# have gained 14.35 billion, 29.07 billion, and 3.57 billion views respectively.

Although the current media value of the new topic of the All-Star Project is not as popular as the previous two topics, it is expected to achieve flying colours because of the promotion of celebrities and the support of fans. Currently, the topic of the Tmall All-Star Project, has received 10,077,777 likes in total in Tmall, with a media value of CNY¥10,077,777.


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