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First WeChat's cross-border e-commerce live streaming

Updated: Jun 23

Affected by COVID-19, the number of people staying home in the first of May has increased

compared with previous years. “Influencer Live streaming in China" has also ushered in a new

demand outbreak. "Watching live broadcast + online shopping" has become the favorite

consumption method of Chinese netizens. There are 560 million users watching live streaming in China, and nearly half of them are using live streaming for shopping.

WeChat overseas lives streaming has invited Phoenix Satellite TV host Lin Weijie as the anchor and partnered with Hong Kong SaSa's beauty consultant, which attracted the attention and support of many consumers. Apart from a wide range of cosmetics and discounts, the live

streaming provided consumers with benefits in the form of online random draws. Because of the preferential activities and well-known host, Hong Kong SaSa WeChat live streaming room has given the best experience of consumers and gave them the best shopping experience.

As WeChat live streaming e-commerce bringing goods attribute has become stronger and

stronger, the competitiveness against Taobao live streaming, Kwai, Tiktok, and other major live-streaming platforms have also become stronger. Among them, the live broadcast in WeChat. ecology has the following three characteristics:

1. The absolute private domain of traffic. Taobao's traffic is public domain traffic, and other

platforms can bring traffic in. But in the WeChat live broadcast, other platforms will not bring

users, but your users will not be lost, nor will it lead to third-party KOLs, which is absolute

private domain traffic.

2. The user is very precise. Most of the live broadcast viewers come from fans of the brand

WeChat public account and the highly coincident community. The users are very sticky.

Compared with other live broadcast platforms, fewer users will frequently enter/exit the live

broadcast room during the live broadcast.

3. The sales conversion rate is high. The subscription attribute of the WeChat ecosystem is strong, and users are more likely to subscribe and follow. At the same time, based on the long- term trust relationship established by users on WeChat public accounts, it helps to increase the conversion rate, because public account users first pay attention to the brand through content, not just for shopping.


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