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  • Marco Siu

Double 11 pre-sale started. Tiktok has "new" strategy ?!

Double 11 in 2020 comes earlier than previous years.

Taobao Live

Justin Li (李佳奇) and Viya pocketed nearly 7 billion GMV through one night, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room both exceeded 100 million, and the daily income was estimated to be 600-800 million, and they were frequently listed on various platforms. And the Taobao Live behind it also relied on the double 11 pre-sale to start 10 minutes of sales, which exceeded last year's total. In the beauty industry, there were 12 items had a turnover of more than 100 million RMB after the live broadcast.


As a direct competitor of Tiktok, Kuaishou has also shown unprecedented attention to this year's 116 shopping carnival. In 2018, a top tier KOL 散打哥 has made a turnover of 160M RMB a day in 2018 at Kuaishou.

Firstly, it made a clear-cut proposal for empowering SME sellers, and launched policies and activities such as the "Goods of Origin" Challenge, technical service fee reduction and exemption for SME; secondly, the "One Thousand and One Nights" a cross over event was launched in conjunction with Jiangsu Satellite TV. 30+ celebrities such as Yang Mi, Huang Bo, Shen Teng, Di Lili Reba and many other trending KOLs.

There is no doubt that Kuaishou e-commerce wants to take this opportunity to stand out of the circle, but compared to seeking more new users and revitalizing the old users in the platform, Kuaishou has another mission: that is to get the recognition of a wider range of brands and businesses, and will certainly help solving the one of their weaknesses, weak in supply side.


Compared to the previous two platforms, the Tiktok e-commerce, in October has not been as aggressive as what they did in August and September !? Although Tiktok also released the "Double 11 Fans Festival" campaign which includes free coupons, lucky draw, big discount ... etc., but there is no focus on live streaming commerce.

At the same time, since October 9th, Tikok Live has completely cut off third-party external links. Instead, there is a trend to grow its own community to the outside but not the other way round. For those who have not yet established a store or brand page in Tiktok, this year's Double 11, it may be more difficult to boost sales from Tiktok. In fact, Tiktok has not only banned live streaming links, but also limited a lot of KOL's affiliate businesses. On September 27th, Tiktok e-commerce also issued a public announcement:

"Starting from October 20th, all users of Tikok who have activated the product sharing function will have to pay a deposit of 500 RMB. For accounts that have started to sell products but have not paid the deposit, the account’s product sharing function will be temporarily restricted. And KOL will not be able to withdraw any commissions from their accounts."

This means: Tiktok is not only tightening the management of "products", but also regulating the "people".

Tikok is a content-based platform, the most important way for users to access their products is through its content (including: short video/live streaming). To achieve this, content creators need to add the merchant’s products to their account before they can create short video or live for the them.

Therefore, the "creator" with the adding product rights has become the most critical element in the Tiktok "content + e-commerce" ecosystem. Tiktok is trying to optimize this component. Although 500 RMB is not much, it will help filter out users who are not serious about content.




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