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Dark Content Discovery: La Mer Vs L'Oréal. Quantity Vs Quality.

Data inspected at: 18 Dec 2020

Time period: Last 30 days

Media: Little Red BooK (XiaoHongShu)

Brands tend to create waves of content in social media including partnership with influencers apart from traditional advertising.

La Mer has 50% more number of posts found. However, the media value of L‘ORÉAL is way more than what La Mer has achieved.

Owned Media Performance

Paid Media Performance

Media Distribution

La Mer has shown a relatively more in earned media. However, earned media could include organic content or influencer who's engaged by the brand.

The Best Performing Content

Both brands have engaged celebrities to create social media content, not necessarily sponsored content. Most of the contents are female created and video based, 86%. It also shows that the media value of 赵露思 is 5 times more than 程晓玥 and their engagement rate is 0.76% and 0.72% respectively.




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