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【Campaign Analysis】— Country Garden:Where my heart gets peace, where my self gets home.

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

-Where my heart gets peace, where my self gets home. @碧桂园 will carry out a live-streaming house purchase festival in order to give you peace of “house”. -

So as to promote the activity of house purchase festival live-streaming, @碧桂园 created a topic of #中国人平均搬家超10次#. Country Garden carried out a series of publicity with the theme of "Every life needs a place to rest".

The topic name is drawn up in the form of a survey and attracted widespread attention from the audience. For this topic, Country Garden shot a three-minute short film around the theme of "moving", which highlighted the artistry and publicity.

Among the 135 KOLs invited for this topic, top and middle influencers accounted for one third each. What's more, there are various publicity methods of videos, topic voting and moving guides.

At present, the total number of topic interactions is 478,249 times with 346,167 likes, and the media value has reached 478,249.

Up to now, the topic of #中国人平均搬家超10次# has received 440 million views.


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