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  • Marco Siu

China Tourism Live Streaming

The coronavirus epidemic has led to a huge decline in the tourism industry, but live streaming might be a way for the tourism market seeking for survival. Many well-known museums, scenic areas and historical sites in China have rolled out a series of online exhibitions and live streaming for people trapped at home. Though traveling seems to be hard to realize recently, live streaming provides an outlet for people's leisure time.

While "Live tourism" has become a new entertainment for people to channel travel needs and "plant grass online", it also brings new opportunities. More and more people are not satisfied with browsing pictures and texts to understand the destination of their dreams, and even hope to experience the distance immersively through live video, short videos, etc.

The success of MFW travel live-streaming is partial because it treats the whole world as a live-streaming room. It’s not limited to "selling products", but also telling you how to experience and what new ways to experience, which is also an indispensable and important part of the live broadcast. For example, the host "Jing Du Xiao Hu" was live-streaming for Fushimi Inari Taisha in Japan, she helped a Beijing audience to get a fortune stick, and the user was excited. While other anchors are still streaming live from the Chengdu panda base, the MFW anchor has begun to take viewers into the delivery room to "meet" the newborn pandas, bringing a deeper "experience" to viewers.

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