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[Campaign Analysis] "Science It Works" - SkinCeuticals

On the February 22nd, SkinCeuticals launched ‘Science It Works’ event to face the skin with a professional attitude.

At the initial stage of the promotion, the brand is mainly promoted on Weibo, which invited 51 KOLs and Xiaohongshu invited 2 KOLs.

At present, the number of invited KOL is not much, and it will be increased in the later stage. However, due to the good brand image and fan base, the amount of interaction at present is far more than similar topics.

The brand invited Chen Youwei to participate in the SkinCeuticals special live program "Science It Works" at 8 o'clock on February 16th, and released a promotional video from this. The video blends SkinCeuticals’ skin professional research with the actor's professional attitude, the theme is novel, highlights the professional theme, and uses the celebrity effect and the support of fans to obtain a great ground publicity effect.

The brand mainly invited celebrities Chen Youwei and Hu Xianxu to post publicity, and then invited many beauty bloggers to conduct publicity in the form of Unbox video and daily makeup.

The video lottery activity initiated by the famous blogger, Mr. Xu, received 20k likes. The amount of fan interaction and media values is considerable.

At present, the Weibo topic "Science It Works" has received 580 million views.

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