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[Campaign Analysis] A new experience of NARS new "Air Feeling" lipstick is available

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

On February 19th, the official NARS store launched the ‘Air Feeling’ NARS air Lipstick, leading the Chinese New Year of Ox.

Up to now, there are altogether 8 brand interactions, 310 KOL content and 6 media content. The number of Weibo engagements reached 191,324 times, and the number of Xiaohongshu engagements reached 288,810 times. It can be seen that the NARS publicity approach tends to be streamlined, but it has also achieved significant results.

The brand has invited top star Zanilia as its brand ambassador, due to her high popularity and huge fan base. Zanilia's promotional video with the brand NARS released on February 25 reached 422,000 likes, 143,000 comments, 225,000 reposts, and obtained the highest fan engagement data among all KOL posts.

There are 33 KOLs in Weibo and 236 in Xiaohongshu. Apart from celebrities endorsements, the brand focuses more on the publicity of Xiaohongshu. KOLs are basically composed of beauty makeup bloggers, who take personal makeup and product reviews as the main way.

Weibo bloggers use lottery and makeup to promote their products, ranging from top celebrities to fashion blogger, both being close to the people and expanding the fan market.

At present, the Weibo topic ’NARS Air Lipstick’ has received 150 million views.

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