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【Deep Insight】— Bubble ➕ milk, Yiliyousuanru(优酸乳) creates numerous ways to drinks

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

In this era of “food means everything”, people increasingly buy beverages to quench their thirst. To satisfy people's taste buds, various milk tea shops and brands launch new products endlessly. In freezers of convenience stores, common milk, soda, and pure water drinks are being removed, and more and more drinks with "new features" are neatly arranged on the shelves.

In fact, the kinds of drinks keep being refreshed and replaced and the rate is beyond our imagination. Products that you are so familiar with like mountain spring water and cola can be suddenly replaced with different flavours of drinks of various brands every six months.

In recent years, the number of brands and products of milk tea has been increasing, from the simplest bubble tea to fruit-filled tea and cheese-topped tea.

It can be seen that people are not only satisfied with water in daily life. Their standards are gradually getting higher. Each new taste stimulates different people's taste buds, which is important for every beverage brand.

【The evolutionary journey of Yiliyousuanru】

As a liquid milk brand launched by Yili Industrial Group, Yiliyousuanru’s predecessor "Yili yoghurt" is the industry's first room-temperature milk beverage product. Once Yiliyousuanru was launched in 2001, it was loved by people because of its wonderful sweet and sour taste and various flavour options, and thus created the blue ocean market of liquid milk in China. Now it is the square cartons with a portrait of Jay Chou we see now.

In 2007, Yiliyousuanru launched a new series of yoghurt with grains and pulp, which was new in the industry.

In the next few years, Yiliyousuanru was committed to launching products of new flavours and took "fruit" as the promotional point. They then launched the ad slogan "超多水果 超营养", which means “filled with fruit, rich in nutrition”.

In 2012, the brand launched a new product series again, which is the combination of fruit grains and yoghurt and was well received by the market.

In 2013, the annual sales of Yiliyousuanru reached over 9.5 billion for the first time and thus Yiliyousuanru was the sub-brand that contributed the highest sales to Yili. The blue rounded large font on the packages was changed to the font of green gradient that year as well.

In 2018, Yiliyousuanru was the first brand in China to launch a room-temperature fruit milkshake series.

The brand continues to introduce new products to enhance product experiences, from colourful fruit milk drinks to yoghurt products of various flavours and so on.

In April 2021, Yogurt launched a new product — “乳汽”, a combination of bubble and milk.

After 24 years of development, Yiliyousuanru has undoubtedly become the leading brand

in the yoghurt market due to its mass-market capacity and large audience.

【The more favoured ingredient combinations】

In the new stage of beverage, many wonderfully creative combinations have emerged in the market, such as soy milk X tea, soft drinks X fruits, cream X ice cream and cereal X milk.

Recently, Yiliyousuanru is so forward-looking that it has attempted to bring an unprecedented new experience to the audience with a new category of bubble milk when "sparkling water" is currently popular all over the world

It is worth mentioning that “乳汽” is the first product with the combination of milk and bubble and thus has given the new definition to milk drinks. At present, there are two flavours offered, lactobacillus and lemon.

— The milky taste and the feeling of sparkling water constantly collide in your mouths, and you can enjoy it with excitement —

【Target “乳汽” at youngsters with continuous collaboration with celebrities】

Yiliyousuanru started a topic promotion on Weibo and cooperated with a hot idol group to continue to target themselves in the young consumer market.

The brand has deep insights into the psychology of young consumers. Their packaging is one of the major reasons encouraging the consumption of young people

As early as 2003, Yiliyousuanru launched a series of advertisements called “青春滋味”(The Taste of Youth”. In 2005, the slogan “我要我的滋味”(I want my taste) was popular among young people and Yiliyousuanru has been given an implication of “young and cool” and dominated the dairy beverage market since then.

In 2009, the famous singer Jay Chou endorsed the brand. The cooperation with superstars has further boosted Yiliyousuanru’s popularity among teenagers. After five consecutive years of sponsoring music festival activities, the brand has gradually nourished its association with music and idols.

This year, the brand has cooperated with the boy group “时代少年团” to promote “乳汽”, further strengthening the association with music and youthful spirits. The utilization of the fan effect has successfully increased the brand values and sales.


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