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【Campaign Analysis】— AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile Processors

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

— Choose AMD Ryzen 5000H series mobile processors to fight like a e-sports player —

To promote the AMD 518 Product Day, and the new AMD Ryzen 5000H series mobile processor, @GamersClub_AMD, created the topic #像我一样战斗#, and at the same time started the event “人气玩家召集大赛”, inviting players to show off their e-sports skills.

Different from the ordinary KOL promotional strategies, AMD adopted a streamlined approach in which only 33 KOLs were invited to post on the topic. It is also worth noting that most of them are micro-influencers and mid-tier influencers and the rest are the macro-influencers and brand accounts.

The types of content are mainly videos of product evaluations and reviews and the types of invited influencers are mainly in the domains of game or fashion.

Also worth mentioning is that AMD has invited @iG_TheShy, a member of the LOL branch of the iG e-sports club , @17shou丷 and @qiezi吴, who are douyu anchors , as e-experience officers to promote processors through live broadcasting and vlogging. It has shown a high degree of market targeting accuracy and interest.

Up to now, the topic #像我一样战斗# has received 110 million views together with 51,508 times of interaction volume and 34,946 likes.


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