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【Campaign Analysis】- Anta's licensed sportswear for the Beijing 2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

In order to celebrate @UNIQ-王一博 for the cooperation with @安踏体育, @安踏体育 posted the topic of #王一博穿的是冬奥国旗款# to encourage the Beijing Winter Olympics on April 29th.

-Wang Yibo wears Anta's new series to cheer for domestic products and Winter Olympics!-

Due to celebrity influence and fan effect, about two-thirds of the 325 KOLs who participated in this topic are amateurs.

ANTA invited @UNIQ王一博 as the global chief spokesperson and released a 15-second official announcement video. In the video, Wang Yibo wears the new Anta series with strong expressiveness. At present, this blog has received 140w likes and 44.5w reposts. In addition, it is the blog with the highest number of fan interactions on the entire topic.

On the other hand, approximately two-thirds of KOLs wear Anta's new sportswear and promote them by taking photos and drawing prizes.

At present, the total contents of the topic are 406, with 360,494 likes and a media value of 483,434.

Up to now, the topic of #王一博穿的是冬奥国旗款# has received 230 million views.


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