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  • Marco Siu

2020 is the era of Chinese influencer e-commerce live streaming

In 2020, Tiktok, Kwai, and other short video applications have invested heavily in live streaming. On March 30 this year, Taobao announced that it’s Live streaming platform will issue 50 billion "red packets" in the coming year; At the same time, Tiktok and Kwai also stepped up their efforts to build small business stores, It began to sign contracts with Chinese influencer, on the supply chain side, sign a contract with a live streaming base to accelerate the construction of a closed-loop ecosystem; and for in-depth cooperation in traffic and capital. The question is why is live streaming so popular in China?

Taobao live streaming is almost a replica of TV shopping. Those Taobao live-streaming influencers just like the TV shopping host. The people who are selling the goods on Tiktok are more like the first-class sellers in the night market. This phenomenon is easy to be recognized, and the Internet has changed everything. Due to the exceeded time and space limitations, these influencers and their teams or companies have begun to carry out the most efficient traffic sales and monetization, and actively join the business.

The new generation of influencers can bring fans to buy the goods, while the influencers can also bargain with the manufacturers.

Many Influencers make sales because of loyalty and trust by his fans. Influencer began to achieve bargaining power with the manufacturer. Reject for bad products, reject for less amount of products. The two mutually reinforcing, which further strengthens the stable relationship between Influencer, fans, and e-commerce platforms.

Whether it is Weibo, Kwai, Tiktok, WeChat public account, the influence of Chinese influencer and e-commerce is also strengthened. Open a store on Taobao, or set up their own sales system through the social platform able to gain fans. It is a new method to become a mature business system operator rather than matching or rewarding fans.

As a result, Chinese influencer has become a trustworthy personal brand, they made up from small businesses to large enterprises. This is China's emerging economic industry.




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