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【Campaign Analysis】— Summer artifact — LANCOME CLARIFIQUE

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Let LANCOME CLARIFIQUE help you to have a skin whitening without any acne in summer.

@兰寇LANCOME create the topic of #兰寇极光水# for the promotion of new toners which aim to help oil-mixed skins solve problems like dullness, acne, grease, etc., and rejuvenates the skin.

About half of the nearly 400 KOL who participated in this activity were top talents. Besides, amateurs who post their feelings after use also account for a certain percentage because of an evaluation topic.

The promotion invited a great amount of talents to participate such as e-commerce host@薇娅viyaaa、 beauty blogger@Pony__朴惠敏、internet celebrity@雪梨Cherie @深夜徐老师、beauty talents@彭特务@陈大皮儿@东边阿岚 and so on.

Most KOL on Weibo who have chosen to use videos and lucky draws for promotion, while Little Red Book’s talents promotes it by evaluating and sharing article pictures. All these indicate that the activities on social media are well organized.

Not only the total media value of this topic reached 102978, but also the fan coverage reached 476153534. At the same time,the average interaction rate was 163.1%. It shows that the overall promotion have achieved good results.

Up to now, the topic of #兰寇极光水# has received 160 million views.


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