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【Campaign Analysis】— Marvelous suction technology — Dyson v12

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The Dyson v12 which innovate a new suction technology!

In order to fit the habits of Asian families and make cleaning more effective, Dyson newly launched V12 on Tmall. The laser technology makes dust nowhere to hide, and has functions such as sensor precision analysis, automatic adjustment and deep cleaning. Let take you into the residence to explore how the Dyson v12 work and experience the #marvelous suction technology#.

As the product is designed for everyday's life and it also means that there is no need for precise audiences. Weibo invited 156 KOL from different fields. Bloggers from the field of pet, emotion and life all participate in the promotion. What’s more the top and middle talents account for a relatively large proportion.

About half of the KOL chose to use video for promotion. Also, the main direction is about product evaluating, decorating vlog or cleaning pet hair.

The product has joined the Weibo Ranch Program. A lucky draw will be released on April 1st and you can participate in it by sharing your ineffective cleaning experience with the topic of #marvelous suction technology# which can effectively attract consumer participation.

In addition, a well-known tech blogger called@NASA enthusiasts who was invited to promote the function like laser direction of the Dyson v12 starting with “laser technology”, which expanded the audience and had a higher media value.

At present, Little red book has received 10067 likes and Weibo has received 98,235. There is still room for improvement in the promotion of Red.

Up to now, the topic of # marvelous suction technology# has review 220 million views.


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