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【Campaign Analysis】— What does JD plan for 3.8 Women’s Day?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Every girls can make herself better and please shop for your owed beauty and health. Happy Women's Day!

In order to welcome Women's Day on March 8, @京东时尚has advocated a week in advance that “women should please themselves and become what they like .” In addition, the beauty from inside out and the unique strength of women could provide more interests and features for the festival.

"Every girl owed their unique beauty.It is because everything is different that the world will become more and more plentiful and beautiful."On March 1st, @京东时尚invited Cui Xiaohong@玛丽黛佳崔晓红、Lv Mo@吕墨_Mo、Zhao Ruohong@赵小姐失眠中、Liu Xiaolu@NEIWAI内外 and Sun Hefang@孙何方HEFANG to open the topic #用心的你闪闪发光# who were the female brand founder of Marie Dalgar、73hours、NEIWAI and HEFANG. As it is Women's Day, all invited are women.

With "beauty" as the main topic, many female KOL were invited, covering emotions, food, tourism, and even writers to promote activities.A variety of promotions such as photos、videos and long articles all made this event more meaningful.

The brand launched a social media contest to create the hype and attract more participants.The blogger @阿滋楠 @ 吴楠Ms @草莓妮萌萌萌 won the first, second, and third place respectively, and the highest number of likes was 80000, which obtained extremely high media value and fan interaction.

The voice in Little Red Book remains steady, while that of Weibo reaches it's peak between 1st March to 7th March. The topics received 154621 likes, the total number of KOL is 103, and the total content is 258. It shows that the overall publicity have achieved good results.

Up to now, the topic of#用心的你闪闪发光##has received 400 million views.


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