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Market Research

Cross platform China social media intelligence. Understand the performance for your competition now takes just seconds. You will instantly uncover the insight within their content, influencers and overall brand strategy.

Brand Monitoring

Competitor Analysis

Market Insight



Post Reach



Cross Platform Social Media Analytics Tool

Support all popular platforms including Weibo, Wechat, Little Red Book, Tiktok.

Monitor Your Competitors in Real Time

Know the market and your competitors social media activities and marketing strategy in real time including organic ads, influencer content and sponsored content.

Uncover The Trending Marketing Strategy

Vfluencer has collected more than 100 million data points. Marketer can review and deep dive the social media content, spotting the uprising topics and marketing.

AI Marketing Technology

By using the latest AI technology, marketer can easily find the most suitable content creator, influencers or even micro-influencers for the brands. Marketers can also plan for the best use of the marketing dollar to achieve the best ROI.

AI Powered Chinese Social Media Marketing Analytics Platform 




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