Maximize ROI with micro-influencers

The only limit is your creativity

Product Trial

Flat Lay

Food Tasting

Something Cool

Game Play

Event Participation

Why Vfluencer?

Comprehensive Database

Profiled over 10,000 influencers

Quality Assurance

Review and approve contents before going live


Select, review, connect and payment all at the same place

Data Analytics

Identify outperform influencers with data anlaytics

Artifical Intelligence

Classify and identify micro-influencers with artifical intelligence to find the best match

Engagement Report

Check campaign performance with the engagement report. Get insight of future improvements for the next campaigns

Who Vfluencer is for?

Small Business Owner

Risk free ways to start KOL promotion at ease

Brand Manager

Recruit the best content creators to create and deliver messages

Keen to maximize ROI for their clients

PR & Marketing Agencies

How It Work?

Creata a campaign

Set the budget
Set the selection criteria for micro-influencers
Set the content guideline

Identify micro-influencers

The system will identify and notify micro-influencers matching the selection criteria
Micro-influencers opt-in if interested and submit their proposal of how they are planning to create the content
Select micro-influencers from the platform according to your preference

Examine content drafts

Micro-influencers create a content draft according to the content guideline and submit to the platform for approval before publishing to their social media
Provide feedback of the draft in the chat system within the platform

Approve content drafts

Approve the content in the platform if satisfied
Set a publish date if necessary

Examine the campaign result

Examine the engagement report of the campaign after 30 days of completion

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