90% of Your Money Is Wasted Without a Proper Content Strategy in China

There are so many social media platforms in China. How can you plan your marketing strategy and choose the right KOL or KOC from a pool of million candidates ?

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How do you currently promote your brand or product in China ?

Connect with the China marketing agency or try to communicate with the KOL directly. Challenge starts ...

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Get a list of recommended KOL & KOC from an agency or platform

It's probably a spreadsheet with the number of followers and average engagements.

Problem 1:

There is no "Best" KOL or "Best" livestreamer. It's based on content strategy.

Problem 2:

The recommended KOL list provided by the agency is because those are who they own or connected.

Select the best KOL with huge number of followers

The number of followers is meaningless. There are many other factors you need to pay attention

Problem 1:

Follower number does not indicate the true media value of the KOL. We are always looking for a suitable and valuable content creator.

Problem 2:

KOL is not a magician. We need to analyse and confirm the content direction before we get a effective result.

The reason why most people think KOL marketing is a waste of money

  • KOL marketing is proven to be effective in China and it's a MUST-DO marketing strategy if you want to target Chinese consumer.

  • You are wasting money because you don't have enough quality data to make a decision and plan a proper content strategy

This is what you should do in 4 Simple Steps

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1. Market Research

Know the market and your competitors social media activities and marketing strategy in real time including organic ads, influencer content and sponsored content.

Required Modules

Social Media Monitor

Content Search

2. Marketing Plan

Vfluencer has collected over 10 million data points and 10,000 brand profiles. There are a number of matrices that you should look. For example: What are the trending topics ? Highly engaged content ? KOL content distribution. You can draft your overall strategy at ease.

Required Modules

Brand Profile Monitor

Content Search

3. Content Strategy

Based on the big data analysis, we can determine content direction, social media platform to focus, content type and KOL categories.

Required Modules

Brand Profile Monitor

KOL Profile Monitor

4. KOL Resources

Vfluencer has partnered with over 300 MCN (KOL managers) and been maintaining the latest quotation from the KOL and KOCs. This is how we can streamline the entire management workflow.

Required Modules

Campaign Manager

Campaign Monitor

These clients have already started their cross-border business and getting traction. Why wait ?

The market will only get more competitive. The early the better. You will never guess again but make correct decision by big data and AI recommendation.

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Cross platform China social media intelligence. Understand the performance for your competition now takes just seconds. You will instantly uncover the insight within their content, influencers and overall brand strategy.

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Start Social Media Marketing with Big Data and AI for China




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